Reality,.. Greatest story ever told!

Did you know the origin of many of the most well know and repeated themes in popular folk tales may date back 6000 years! Their extremely ancient roots have been the subject of much research over the years. One recent work  from a linguistics standpoint was recently published by the Royal Society of Open Science and  noted by many science journals.

So, as you sit down to watch Beauty & the Beast or Cinderella – think about the fact that you are engaging timeless themes somehow woven into the very fabric of people everywhere.

You must ask yourself…  Why?

Let me propose an answer for you to ponder. All other “great” stories are merely a shadow of the original over arching themes in the “Great Story”… God’s Great Story!

Here’s the general outline of His Great Story – see if you begin to see some of those timeless themes…

  • A Glorious Kingdom.
  • A Powerful King.
  • A Courageous Prince.
  • A Great Love!
  • An envious evil deceiver who betrays the King and seeks to destroy love.
  • Betrayal. Paradise Lost.
  • A great war as a result of deception & betrayal.
  • Pursuit of Love against all odds and against all enemies.
  • Loving sacrifice!
  • Reunited love!
  • Return of the King!
  • Defeat of all enemies!
  • Re-establishment of the Kingdom & Paradise!

These aren’t just literary themes… they are echoes of the clang and cry of gritty, gory and glorious reality. They are the themes of Reality – of His Story – and the author is sure of the ending.

Reality, it is the greatest story ever told!

Want to know more?! The whole story is outlined in great detail in the Bible – and it is REAL!

Come to know the King who loves you and is coming back! You’ve been written into the story.

Keeping it Real!


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